Metric Miner

We are developing an infrastructure to mine and analyze sociotechical data from software repositories. Our current research efforts comprehend: logical dependencies identification and usage, unit testing analysis, bug prediction, and experts recommendation. We worked on different tools to support the crawling and the analysis of software data: XFlow, MetricMiner, and MinerAll.

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Groupware Workbench

Groupware Workbench (GW) offers a component kit conceived based on the 3C Collaboration Model to support groupware developers. More information in the project's website.

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Arquigrafia-Brazil is a social media system developed using the Groupware Workbench components to support architecture professionals, professors, and students to share and study Brazilian architecture by means of photographies.

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Smart Audio City Guide

Smart Audio City Guide aims to offer support for visually impaired people to share geo-referenced audio information using mobile devices. The project won 3rd place on Imagine Cup Brazil 2012.


The Baile project aims to study and resolve problems related to the development and use of web service choreographies in large-scale environments, in particular those related to Cloud Computing. The project investigates means by which choreographies can evolve and adapt when the services they are composed of are in constant change, keeping the quality of service in acceptable levels when these services fail or the cloud resource availability fluctuates.

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CHOReOS objective is sustaining decentralized service choreographies in the Future Internet. It revisits the concept of choreography-centric service-oriented systems to introduce a dynamic development process and associated methods, tools, and middleware referred to as CHOReOS Integrated Development and Runtime Environment (IDRE) for the software systems that implement and coordinate the services in the Ultra Large Scale Future Internet. 15 institutions participate on the project, namely Baltijos programine iranga (LT), CNR (IT), eBM WebSourcing S.A.S (FR), University of Camerino (IT), INRIA (FR), MLS Multimedia A.E. (GR), OW2 Consortium (FR), The City University (UK), Università degli Studi dell Aquila (IT), University of Ioannina (GR), SSII VIA (LV), Virtual Trip Ltd. (GR), Wind Telecommunicazioni S.p.A (IT), Universidade de São Paulo (BR), CEFRIEL (IT).

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